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Expo inside

Genesis Expo

The Genesis expo is the biggest Creation Museum in the UK. The expo is located in the touristic heart of Portsmouth, minutes walk from the railway station at Portsmouth Harbour, opposite the bus station, and within view of the historic dockyard and HMS Warrior.

Greeting the visitors in the entrance hall is "Boris", a giant 20 ft. long model of a dinosaur. Children are fascinated by him.

There are also many books and videos on display for sale. Each has been selected to be of good quality and approved in that the creation information it contains is generally conforming to the views held by the CSM Council.

Come and visit us on The Hard in Portsmouth.

We are open 11 am to 4 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and bank holidays throughout the year. We close 24 December to 2 January.

Excerpts from visitors’ book, 2013

My son loves it here & was waiting for this to be reopened. We all had a great time. Thank you.

Very interesting exhibition and bought some lovely gifts.

Great to see 'Genesis Expo' reopened and confirming the absolute truth of the Bible and countering the Evolutionary fable.

Ross, I came in to check out buying fossils; but left with a more open mind regarding evolution and intelligent creation. Thanks - keep up the good work. Ken

First visit, genuinely impressed with depth of explanations in a language we non-scientists can understand. A very valuable Exhibition. Brian

Member for ~ 40 years. RSC

Great to see the wonder of my Creator. Chris

Wonderful museum - a great way to get the truth of creation out there! Keep up the good work. S

Well-presented information - main points without information overload. James

Very encouraging and reassuring (like a breath of fresh air) to see Biblical truth exhibited, explained and taught.

Wonderful exhibit, great for kids and adults both.

A fascinating experience. JM (Aberdeen)

Super exhibition. Well done. God is brilliant. Penelope

Thought provoking - well explained; will come again. John

Thank you very much! Lovely exhibition. Enjoyed it a lot. (Estonia)

Thank you! R & D. (South Africa)

Good to see such a prominent and honest display of Biblical truth. May you know the Lord's protection and encouragement in your witness. David

An amazing discovery. Gaynam

Very interesting! Thanks from Petra (Sweden)