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This main part of the expo are made up of 12 displays and a clutch of real fossilised dinosaur eggs.

The 12 dioramas are on creation themes and they use computer-run lighting sequences to highlight the commentary on each. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones - 4 at each booth. The whole display takes about 35 minutes to see and listen to.

In the displays a wide range of topics are examined and some of the displays are animated.

The topics covered include -

  • DNA SpiralThe impossibility of life forming from chemicals.
  • Chinese calligraphy refers back to Genesis.
  • The present day forms remain unchanged from their fossil counterparts.
  • Geological sediments are laid down rapidly.
  • A study of genetics shows that all humanity came from one man and one woman.
  • and many other subjects.

They are all presented in an easily understood form for those with little knowledge of the enormous amount of scientific evidence that is against evolution and supports creation.


We also have a video room at the back of the Expo, where a 45 minute video is played continuously.